Golf Gossip

April 2003Jules at Golf in Bush.JPG (116946 bytes)
Ade Bush Shot.JPG (189250 bytes)Well we couldn't go to Australia and not play golf so Jules volunteered to come out of 6 years of golfing retirement to take on us Poms at Broome's Roebuck Bay Golf Course. 

One of the local rules was a free drop if your ball landed in a wallaby scrape and another was that no beer was to be taken on the course. The later rule was completely ignored

Marie joined us even though we had to be up at 7am for a tee off at around 8:30am - a good 4 hours before she usually crawled out of bed during the holiday. 

We all hired clubs and purchased 4 balls each as they told us that we could drive back to the club house if we ran out. After about 4 holes we'd only scored about one point between us and it looked likely that a ball stop might be needed so we did the next best thing and cracked open the beer. After that the golf marginally improved, Marie's driving got faster and faster and we had a bloody fine day. 

For the record Ade scored 22 points, while Jules and Ali got less than 20 between them. Jules (having finished last) had to carry out the pre-arranged forfeit for the loser of phoning mother that evening.

Ali on Jules Marie Buggy.JPG (112093 bytes)Broome GC Sign.JPG (111360 bytes)