The Cratchley's  

Jon & Fag.jpg (15951 bytes)

Jon having a sneaky early morning fag   

Jules Marie Ade.JPG (88877 bytes)

Ade posing with a couple of natives

Mum Madge Ade 2 Dec 00 .JPG (66939 bytes)

The "Two Fat Ladies" and Ade    

Ade & Tim Spain 1999.jpg (694166 bytes)

Ade and Tim - Spain 1999  

Ade with queers.JPG (92874 bytes)

Adrian with a couple of friends in San Francisco 

Jon being shaved.jpg (55364 bytes)

Jon having his first hair cut since Mum used to do it with a pudding basin 

CratchleyClanXmas1994.jpg (29793 bytes)

Cratchley gathering Xmas 1994  

AliJonTim1.jpg (89148 bytes)

Only the sensible play golf  

Mac & Ellie.jpg (68028 bytes)

Mac and Ellie at Tim's 50th 

julesanddogjan02.jpg (130652 bytes)

Jules and Stroller Jan 2002


Nik_on_gibbitt.jpg (77714 bytes)

Australian Nik 

Ade__Ali_Wedding_with_Mum__Madge.jpg (743429 bytes)

Ade and Ali's wedding reception with 50% of the guests    

Juleswithcamel.JPG (91512 bytes)

Jules and friend   

Nikplayinggolf.jpg (35046 bytes) 

Nik swatting flies   


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